So what’s your ONE thing that you know if you – changed/started/completed/eliminated -would have a drastic impact on your life?

I am willing to bet you have one. Don’t worry about the HOW to change, or IF you can change. For right now, just identify what that one thing is. Stay with me it will be worth it.

What is the one thing that would have the biggest impact on how you feel about yourself, the income you make, the results you get, and the satisfaction of your relationships or your happiness level? Don’t over complicate it, don’t pick five things, just pick ONE.

Now, this part is important. As you are identifying your one thing, do it without judgment of yourself or what you have done in the past. This is an exercise about your future not about your behaviors or actions prior to today. The only place the past exists is in your mind. Right now, let go of any shame, blame and disappointment regarding these areas and just focus on the reality as it is, without all the extra “stories”.

Perhaps for you your one thing is finally losing the weight you have been talking about losing for the past ten years. The weight that if you lost, would give you the confidence, self-esteem, pride and sense of accomplishment that would elevate all the other areas of your life. Maybe this one area is holding you back from putting yourself out there and seeking out a relationship.

Perhaps your one thing would to find a new job or career. You wake up every day dreading going to work. Or, maybe work is just ok, but it doesn’t challenge you, you aren’t using your strengths and there is no opportunity for growth. You know you have more to offer and you are capable of much more.

Perhaps your career is heading in the right direction, you feel great about where you are physically and your one thing is to establish a new morning routine. Instead of hitting snooze three times in the morning, you know that if you started your morning with exercise, meditation, prayer, reading, yoga etc. it would have a drastic effect on your mindset and how the rest of your day unfolded.

Perhaps your one thing is to finally take your finances seriously, to create a plan and stick to it. To measure where your money goes and hold yourself accountable.

Perhaps your one thing is to stop living in a mode of reaction, but instead proactive planning your week and days around your highest priority. Being more deliberate in how you spend your time and eliminate your many distractions that are holding you back from being as productive and getting the results you are capable of.

For today, don’t worry about HOW you would accomplish your one thing, don’t think about what it would take or any of the potential roadblocks or stumbling in the past. There will be plenty of time for that later and I will address that in my next blog post.

Just decide on your one thing first, and then we will move on to the next step in our next blog post.

So what’s your one thing?