Raise your hand if you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done?

The interesting thing is that TIME is the one thing that is equal for everybody.

It doesn’t matter whether you are CEO of Google, a stay at home mom, or a college student – everyone has the same 168 hours to accomplish their goals, tasks and fit everything in. In a previous post make everyday the day before vacation, I discussed a great strategy to increase your productivity. In this post I have another productivity, or time management strategy for you that can even be fun to implement.

I picked up this idea from a CEO that was running two large companies AT THE SAME TIME!

I have found that many of my entrepreneurial clients struggle not only with getting everything done, but many feel that they are putting out so many fires that it can be tough for them to be proactive and spend time on things that can really make an impact on their business. Things like developing staff, training, getting more organized and creating systems that will leverage their time.

Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter and was also the CEO of Square – leading both companies at the same time! I am sure you can only imagine how much he has on his plate. What was his “secret”?

Give each of the days of the week a “theme” so you can ensure that you are not just putting out fires, but working on things that will really impact your company and your results.

Since Dorsey was running both companies at the same time, he founds spending one day a week working on “Products” for both companies and one day focusing on “Management” allowed him to stay more focused and away from the typical day to day distractions.

You may not be running two large companies at the same time, you might just be managing yourself. But you can use the same principle to ensure you are putting your focus on what will have the greatest impact, not busywork that will lead you no closer to your goals.

Let’s look at an example of what this might look like…

Monday: Customer and client focus

Tuesday: Staff development and training (or your personal development)

Wednesday: Sales and Marketing

Thursday: Accounting and Finance

Friday: Catch-up and organization

The themes will look different depending on your situation. How might you use this principle to structure your week?

Your partner in success,

Josh Paulsen