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  1. Blog Breaks August

    Why Personal Pit Stops Are Critical For High Performance

    Yes, I am that guy who packs his lunch everyday so that I can keep working and don’t have to leave my office. I am…

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  2. Typing on laptop blog Aug 2015

    Why the Pen is Mightier Than the Laptop

    I know it has become more and more common to do everything on our digital devices these days, whether that be our laptop, tablet or…

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  3. Sabotoge Blog 2

    The Reason You Are Sabotaging Yourself

    I used to often wonder why I continued to not follow through with things I said I wanted. Why I would start something and then…

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  4. Blog Mount Everest

    How to Climb Your Mount Everest

    Maya Gurung was 14 and on the cusp of becoming one of the first girls to complete high school in her Nepal Village. Her father…

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  5. Are You An Optimist or a Pessimist?

    Is your glass half full or is it half empty? I am sure you have heard that saying before. But what the heck does it…

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  6. June blog Funk

    How to Get Out of Your “Funk”

    I had a coworker come into my office this week, slump down in the chair in front of me and ask, “how do I get…

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  7. Blog June 2015

    5 Reasons you can’t get yourself to _________.

    We all have things that we would like to accomplish that we keep putting off. Wants or dreams that we just can’t seem to move…

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  8. Blog Secret weapon

    Your Secret Weapon For Increased Productivity

    Don’t you wish you had less time available to you? If there were only 18 hours in the day, maybe you would spend less of…

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  9. blog 4.30.15

    The Kryptonite of the Potentially Great

    When I work with my clients and students there is one thing that I see hold them back more than anything else. Excuses. I am…

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  10. Blog april 22

    Am I the only one battling with these thoughts?

    You can’t do that, what if it bombs, what will others think? I used to believe that most people didn’t deal with that inner dialogue…

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  11. blog 2 5 min journal example

    The toothbrush for your Brain!

    How often do you brush your teeth? Once a month? A couple of times a week? I hope not! I am sure most of you…

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  12. Blog Phone Addiction

    Are You Addicted to Your Technology?

    What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If you are like the majority of people in America you…

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  13. Feb 2015 blog

    5 Ways To Reduce Overwhelm and Improve Your Decision Making

    Have you ever been faced with what you thought would be an easy decision and then 20 minutes later you are still deliberating over a…

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  14. Blog meditation cover pic SiteGoal

    Do You Meditate?

    I was listening to an interview Tim Ferriss had with Arnold Schwarzenegger this week and was surprised to learn that Arnold meditated twice a day…

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  15. Blog Negative

    Why Most of Us Are Focused On The Negative

    While at the gym yesterday, I noticed that while I normally feel pretty good about 15 minutes into my cardio, I was in a bit…

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