An American psychologist James Flynn has studied something he calls “capitalization rate”. To keep it simple – the concept revolves around how efficiently someone like you or me, or a group of individuals makes use of its talent.

For instance, I spent a good deal of time growing up in Minnesota and in elementary school, my best friend who happened to be from Canada was an amazing hockey player. Canada is highly capitalized when it comes to hockey players. If you have any raw talent for hockey, believe me, it will be developed. Just about every kid is not only exposed to hockey, but grows up watching it, idolizes its stars and plays hockey for countless hours on Canada’s many frozen ponds and outdoor rinks.

Contrast that to someone living in Africa. There are probably many children with great hockey potential living in that country. But lack of exposure, access and desire will lead to very low capitalization rates in that particular country.

James Flynn has even looked at the capitalization rates in the United States for different occupations. For example, Flynn estimates that only 60% of US males who are “capable” of holding a top tier professional or managerial position,  actually end up in those types of positions. That means 40% are fully capable, (they have potential), but never get there.

I fully believe that as a society we place a much higher emphasis on “TALENT” than anything else. We have been taught that if a person becomes really successful, it is because they are really talented, or that it came easy to them. In fact, if you study many high achievers, this simply isn’t the case. It is much more about the “process”. The hunger they had to succeed. The hours they put into their craft and the perseverance they demonstrated when they came across the inevitable obstacles.

I truly believe that very few of us have fully capitalized on our real potential. Meaning, we are capable of so much more than we have achieved to date. That is what got me started studying high performers, how the brain works and how those that are truly successful and happy think and act. That is what lead me to coaching and why I love working with my clients to help them tap that potential that lies asleep within all of us.

What are you truly capable of if you really wanted it, designed a plan to achieve it, and worked towards that end every single day? What if when you got knocked down, you got back up every time with more resolve than the first time?

It is almost scary isn’t it?

Unbelievable success, happiness, fulfillment is not just something that the “lucky few” have access too. It is for anybody that knows the recipe and is willing to work for it, each and every day.

The good news is that with neuroplasticity (your brain is constantly rewiring and changing), you have the ability to rewire your brain by the way you think and act. Over time, those become new habits and it becomes more and more automatic and ingrained in your nervous system.

So start today. What is it that you have always wanted, but have never committed to?

What do you KNOW you are capable of, but have never gone after?

You have the ability, you have the POTENTIAL, but will you capitalize on that potential?

Your partner in success,

Josh Paulsen