In my last post I challenged you to come up with your “one thing”. That thing that if you got started, stopped, changed or completed, would have a huge impact on your life.

Did you come up with your one thing? If not, take a moment to do so now, or reread my last post.

I am going to assume you have landed on your habit, behavior, mindset, thinking pattern etc. Let me ask you this first. Is this the first time you have acknowledged or identified it? For almost all of my clients the answer is no. They have felt a desire or urge for quite some time.

So if it has been hanging around, why aren’t you there yet? The answer is incredibly simple. In your mind you associate more discomfort, frustration, fear or some type of PAIN to changing or modifying your behavior, than you do to just staying right where you are right now. If you really think about it, isn’t that true?

As an example, let’s say you have wanted to lose 10 lbs. What have you been focusing on consciously or subconsciously – how great it would feel, how you would look on the beach, the sense of accomplishment? Or have you been focusing on depriving yourself, the loss of eating your favorite foods, being hungry because you are eating less, fitting exercise into your schedule and you don’t have the time?

Just about every person on this planet knows HOW to lose weight. We all know it is some combination of eating less or burning more calories. Then if we all know how to do it, why does America have a large percentage of people overweight? Why is losing weight the top New Year’s resolution?

It is because the HOW is much less important than your WHY.

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As Tony Robbins would say “the reasons come first and the answers second”.

If you have yet to lose the 10 lbs. then you are simply associating much more pain to the process of losing those 10 lbs. than you are pleasure in achieving that end. It is that simple. Now I say it is that simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to overcome unless you consciously choose your perspective. Most people don’t give it a second thought.

Let me help you set yourself up for success in achieving the “one thing”. Write down that thing you wish to change. Now underneath your one thing, write WHY you want to change it.

For instance, let’s say someone kidnaps someone you love and tells you the only way you will see them again is to lose 10 pounds in 45 days and keep it off for a year? Do you have any DOUBT you would achieve that goal? Of course not, you would probably lose 20 or 30 lbs.! You might take an approach that is not all that healthy, but my point is your WHY is big enough. The why is the most important part of achieving any goal.

So what is your why for your one thing? Take the next two minutes and write down your top 20 reasons. Get to 50 if you really want to guarantee success. Don’t put it off for later, do it right now. You have been putting it off long enough!

Ok, now that you have your 20 reasons why you want to achieve your one thing, write a paragraph describing what it is costing you right now to not have it. What has it cost you in the past? What will it cost you 10 years from now? 20 years? Don’t worry about the format, the spelling, just get it on paper. Get just as clear on what it is costing you not to have your one thing as you do on why you want it. This will provide leverage in both areas.

Most people will do more to avoid loss, or avoid pain, than they will to seek pleasure.

Mindset is everything, get crystal clear on your lists, internalize it, picture it, feel the emotions. If you do this consistently with enough focus, it will be difficult for you NOT to achieve your one thing.

No, you don’t need the latest and greatest exercise class, you don’t need the newest diet pill, or the fad of the moment. Your thinking and what you are associating to your “one thing” is what will really allow you to achieve it!

Your partner in success,
– Josh